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Hourglass Postcard with Nutrition
Enter the following details for the Hourglass Postcard with Nutrition:
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This Ardyss postcard promotes the garment on the front side and the nutritional products on the back of the card. This Ardyss postcard is actually shaped in the size of an hourglass , so its sure to catch eveyrone’s attention when you hand them out.

This Ardyss postcard looks like it dropped 2-3 sizes in shape!

  • Add a label to each Ardyss postcard with your name and phone number
  • Distribute Ardyss postcards to friends, family members and prospects.
  • The unique shape of this Ardyss postcard is a real eye catcher

There is room on the back to customize the card with a label. If you need us to print labels for you, then click here.

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